Domains Of Pleasure Scale (DOPS) 

The Domains Of Pleasure Scale (DOPS) is a questionnaire developed by No Fun No Glory. Unlike other questionnaires, the DOPS measures not only the amount of pleasure, but also the loss of pleasure. Moreover, by means of this questionnaire pleasure and pleasure loss can be studied across four different areas: social, sexual, perceptual, and personal development. The DOPS is free to use for everyone, and can be downloaded below.

The DOPS was originally developed to differentiate between the dimensions of consummatory pleasure (i.e. in the moment pleasure experiences), motivational pleasure and anticipatory pleasure, with the last two dimensions possibly combined. However, over multiple attempts, the results did not convincingly show that consummatory, motivational and anticipatory pleasure could be distinguished validly. We therefore decided to retain only the consummatory items of the DOPS. For transparency we report on the development and results of the motivational and anticipatory items in the document that can be downloaded below.

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