On this page we briefly describe our main findings of the intervention part of the study. For a more detailed description, please download our published article below.

Lifestyle Advice

The participants who received lifestyle advice reported more pleasure on a scale of 0-100 than those who did not receive lifestyle advice. This difference was statistically significant (see the upper chart).

Tandem Skydive

Those who received lifestyle advice in combination with a tandem skydive experienced no more pleasure than people who only received lifestyle advice.

Actually, the participants who also had a tandem skydive seemed to experience even less pleasure than those who only had the lifestyle advice. However, this difference was not statistically significant (see the bottom chart).


The results of our study show that personalized lifestyle advice can help young adults with anhedonia to experience more pleasure.

We found no evidence of an added value of a thrill experience in the form of a tandem skydive in addition to the personalized lifestyle advice.

More information

For more information on the findings of our study, please see the publications on this website or download the scientific article here.

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